Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Angular Armored Vehicle!

On an unseasonably warm spring Saturday I baked in the sun and did draw this vehicle. The location was the War Museum in South El Monte. 

At the beginning of each of these sessions with my drawing class I have seemed to struggle with the method. Then I sit with the instructor Will and I explain the problems I've encountered. Each time he has provided directly applicable help which I then apply.

I am happy with this drawing, and I learned (or re-learned) some important techniques and/or concepts: 
[1] for this type of sketching it is counter-productive to attempt super accurate perspective
[2] make sure to accurately capture the height and width of the front of the subject
[3] make depth measurements relative to the front-facing view
[4] use a "double stroke" to execute lines to achieve a lively and  "sketchy" effect.

Sorry there is no humor within this post; I suspect that it was evaporated out of me in the brutal heat of that day.

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Kimberly M Zamlich said...

Perspective is hard; I struggle with it altho most people don't know this. Lately I have been drawing right on the wacom and believe it or not it's actually easier to draw perspective! Keep drawing!