Friday, January 21, 2011

This Week in Sketchville!

Well, really, there is no such physical place as Sketchville; rather, if it is anything, it is a creative place-of-mind, so to speak.

Most art starts out as a blank piece of paper, with an artist, who is wondering what to draw, hovering nearby in physical space.

After that the artist has to intentionally occupy a creative space. Starting with a mental picture of what he wants to draw, often triggered by an interesting subject in the immediate environment, the art commences.

This creative space is one that transcends the mental and the physical; art starts with the brain and takes shape within creative space.

So, for this little collection, I found myself, the artist, sketchbook at the ready, in a physical space, which was, once again my local Starbucks. I had a mental picture of what I wanted to draw ("those people over there... a chance to improve on my straight-ahead drawings of faces").

When pen hit paper, I transcended the realms of the physical and the mental, and I occupied creative-space; welcome to Sketchville! The drawings commenced their mysterious birth.

Born, yet never to age, these are my babies. Go now my babies, take on the world and be joyful, but no matter where you go, remember that you were born on this day in Sketchville!

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Michael said...

Thanks for sharing your blog! Very inspiring. Keep up the good works :D