Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back In the Saddle!

I am a machine! A biological machine, but still, for the purpose of exposition, a machine.

Like any good machine I have different gears and drive trains that whirl and twirl, meshing smoothly for the most part, but sometimes grinding, and at other times just plain old "getting rusty."

All this to say that my art gears have been idling for a time as I focus on other grand schemes. Hence no posts recently.

Regardless, I have drawn and posted once again. This picture includes a special cameo appearance of my index finger; isn't that special? My finger demanded credit, saying (in silent finger talk) it would not cooperate next time I wanted to dial a rotary phone if I didn't make the mention. With so much at stake, I acquiesced. I mentioned my finger. I hope that by so doing, I avoided, an arguably, only-very-remotely-likely-event.

At least my narcissistic machine finger is happy.

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Michael Jay LaRue said...

Google Ads can be kind of lame (sorry GA, I know you are "watching"). I mentioned "gears" incidentally in my post, and GA served 2 industrial grade gear ads on my art blog. How sad for the companies that bought them. Unless someone amongst my friends is actually in the market for some gear-y stuff.