Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Be Alive... draw! drAW! DRAW!

A new day, a new drawing! Drawing is a great human activity; I'd like to do it more often. However, sometimes obstacles assert themselves to defeat the urge to draw. Today I have one particular obstacle in mind.

Any idea what obstacle I am talking about? You might be surprised, because the obstacle itself is essential to the activity of drawing.

Curious? Well the obstacle is the brain, my brain in particular.

My brain sometimes doubts my ability to draw, and I think to myself, "self, maybe today's drawings will not be very good."

Weird, huh?

My brain says, "let's not draw if the drawings are not going to be perfect." That's bad.

Now I am not saying that my brain always defeats me from picking up the pen, but sometimes it does.

I suspect the way out of this dilemma is to realize that the act of drawing itself is more valuable to me than any products that may result from the act of drawing, i.e., "my drawings."

I started this thought and this post out pretty innocuously, but in fact I think this insight is rather profound.

The lesson for me is that drawing is a perfect opportunity to be "alive in the moment," to be fully "present." Isn't that what I want? Isn't that a better outcome than having in my possesion "some good drawings?"

For me the answers to these questions are yes, and yes. I would rather "be alive in the moment" than to "have some good drawings."

How would you answer these questions for yourself, for whatever activities are important to you?

Now brain, step aside, I have some drawing to do! (One thing though brain, don't go away too far; I still need you, even for this.)


Dan said...

OMG Michael!

I cant decide which is better. You're writing or your art!? You are so funny !I almost peed my pants reading your stuff. You need a publisher!!!

-Nicole (Monique's sister)

Michael Jay LaRue said...

Dan... Thank you very much for that kind comment - you literally made my day! I take both the drawing and the writing seriously. Since I have not really publicised this blog very much I do not get a lot of feedback. To get such an appreciation is very nice... thanks!

Hope all is well with you and your family; I was sorry to have missed the Nutcracker last year. The year before though I enjoyed seeing you and Nicole, and spending time with your kids at the get together afterwards.

PS... do you have you have a separate FB account?

Kimberly M. Zamlich said...

When sketching it is like putting in hours for flying; right now the destination is not as important as the hours you put in..that comes later. Try to just keep drawing without self judgement; the more you draw, the less that becomes important. You will improve and it will be less painful. I have been drawing so long now; it is the concepts, not so much the quality of the drawing that is important and it has become really fun, more fun than when I drew in my youth. I draw when I am happy, when I am exhausted, when I feel energetic, etc. One of the ways we had to earn an A in an industrial design class back in college was we were asked to make 10,000 drawings on a roll of paper for our final. We could draw anything with a marker! After the first 2,000 drawings, there was no self judgement; in face it was kind of freeing; drawing for joy, for mileage and boy, did I improve on my drawing! Keep creating!!