Thursday, June 21, 2012

Goodness Knows... drawing skills are rusty. Undaunted though, I did this quick sketch of a space shuttle in flight. Real quick! I've been pressed into action as a result of recently entering a writing challenge sponsored by Santa Clarita Valley Internet Marketers meetup

Anyway, for the challenge, I will post for 30 days, blog entries of at least 351 words. All content must be original, and I must include a properly labelled "image". I did not want to mess around with stock images, but my post needed art, so I said, what the hell, I made art. Yay!

My other blog, the "wordsy blog" is in case you are interested.

Just a warning, but maybe just an idle threat, I may be using the challenge to do more "support sketches" and the likely more cross-posts.

Regarding the drawing itself... I was pretty happy with my application of the approach I learned from Will Weston for the non-organic aspects of the drawing. However, I was much less pleased with the execution on the "organic" exhaust plume, which in my reference photo was a very atmospheric, rainbow-y effect. I confess to not having had a clue. I may reach follow up with artisit friends on how they'd approach this challenge... Any ideas (from my artist friends)?

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