Thursday, January 17, 2013

Long Break; New Drawing

Well, on 1-1-2013 I de-cellophane'd a new Moleskine, hopefully to draw something every day. That lasted about five days (yay! & boo!). I can still keep pace if I downsize my former ambition to once per week.

This is today's entry. Done in a Starbucks in Studio City waiting to meet friends for a rehearsal for another Startup Weekend, this time to be held in the San Fernando Valley at a mansion formerly owned and occupied by Frank Sinatra. Wicked cool, huh? That's right!

Studio City had an interesting vibe. Everything is very walkable for locals. At the B&N I struck up a conversation with a young lady who was reading a Jimmy Page bio. Her favorite Led Zeppelin album is III... how cool is that? That's the album that introduced me to the genius and artistry of my favorite band.

Tangerine for the win!

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