Thursday, December 23, 2010

Doesn't Everyone Draw when in Las Vegas?

I decided to break out my sketchbook during a room tour of the new Cosmopolitan Hotel/Casino. A super place! Mr. Cosmopolitan (if there is such a guy) must be mad at me though, because yesterday, I turned $50 into $302 at one of his Top Dollar slot machines.

Of the six drawings I did, I'd assess five as "acceptable/nice", and one as "horrifying." That's the mixed blessing of working in pen - no erasing, your drawing just "is what it is" - but you do get a nice clean, non-smudgy line.

Since I am using this blog to track my progress I decided not to crop the bad one out, as that would be cheating.

(By the way, just so as we are on the same page, the horrifying one is the right-most on the bottom image - I am hoping you agree with me - if you don't, it means some of the others are MUCH worse than I thought)

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