Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Here is a set that I am pretty happy with, done while walking around. Now there's an endeavor filled with challenge and reward; drawing while walking - in Las Vegas no less! First time seemed to work out well.

Don't worry though, I am doing more than just drawing. I am filling the days and nights with the normal Vegas stuff, you know - eating, seeing shows, walking on the strip, and, oh, losing money. Plus, funny people in orange tee-shirts keep trying to give little picture cards. What's up with that?

About losing money, it is not quite that actually - it's more like "giving back" winnings from earlier in the trip.

Like I say though, life is good! Merry Christmas!

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Lynetta Whealon said...


I like these sketches. I think they are very clean and quite good.